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Excaliber® Rotary Tube Cleaning System Accessories

Configure Excaliber® to tackle almost any job

With a wide range of accessories including brushes, bits and flexible shafts, the Excalibur is an extremely versatile tube cleaning system.


Excaliber tube cleaning brushes are available in nylon, brass and stainless steel and are capable of removing bio-fouling and soft deposits while polishing the tube surface.


Excaliber tube cleaning bits feature integrated water injection ports that flush deposits away while the bit effortlessly powers off tube fouling

Twist Bits are for completely blocked tubes. Twist bits are designed to have optimum flushing volume for deposit removal

Red Witch Bits are for removal of thin or thick wall scale. These bits are preferred for copper based tubes because of the excellent water barrier maintained between the bit and the tube.

Klaw Bits are for tubes larger than one inch inside diameter. Klaw bits offer excellent flushing action for tubes that have thick wall scale or are completely blocked.

Flexible Shafts

Excaliber® flex shafts are available in sizes to suit tube dimensions from ¼” to 1-1/4” in size and are available in nylon, steel, rubber and Teflon® casing options.