Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

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What differentiates us from every other cleaning or inspection company is that we offer expertise across the entire performance aspect of the heat exchanger. From provision of effective cleaning to certified nondestructive testing which meets stringent nuclear requirements, Conco can be your sole-source provider.

We Are Nuclear Grade

Extra training, extra safety precautions, background checks and more, create a significant workload for your plant when indoctrinating new or inexperienced contractors onto your site. Because Conco crews are actively working in so many nuclear facilities, chances are our crew will be able to start work much faster, and with less headaches for you than working with a less experienced company. Whether we’re working in a nuclear power generation facility or on the latest nuclear powered ship, our teams are trusted by more nuclear facilities worldwide than anyone else!  At Conco, we are nuclear grade.

Conco has cleaned and tested over 100 million heat exchanger tubes worldwide and over five million tubes last year alone.

Total Performance™ Services provide cleaning and certified testing coverage for the various components found in your facility including;

  • Condensers, Feedwater Heaters, CCW Systems
  • Coolers: lube oil, exciter, seal oil, stator, vacuum pump and more.
  • Emergency Diesel Generators: lube oil, jacket water and air cooler.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Exchangers
  • Straight and U-Tube configuration
  • Air Cooled Condensers
  • Finned Tubing
  • Boiler tubes, Preheaters, Economizers and Superheaters
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