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Stainless Steel Twist Brush

The Conco Stainless Steel Twist Brush tube cleaner featuring TruFit™ technology is designed for use on all types of tube materials in sizes 5/8” to 1-1/4”, and can also be used on tubes with inserts and epoxy coatings. It is particularly effective on manganese, iron and silica deposits. It is also effective on all types of obstructions, macrofouling and debris. The SSTB will restore the tube surface to its original heat transfer characteristics, while providing absolutely the best protection from under-deposit corrosion.

  • Safe, water powered tube cleaner
  • Stainless steel bristle design featuring 1,000+ contact points
  • TruFit Technology ensures perfect match to tube specifications
  • Color-coded heads to distinguish size
  • Can be used for approximately 12 shots each
How It Works

The Stainless Steel Tube Cleaning Brush is shot through condenser and heat exchanger tubes using any water-powered tube cleaning system, like the Conco ProSeries™ Tube Cleaning System. The tube cleaning brush features over 1000 stainless bristles and travels through the tube at 10 to 20 feet per second (at 200-300 PSI), removing manganese, iron and silica, as well as macrofouling, debris and obstructions.