Oil Flushing

Extending the life of turbines, engines, and other industrial equipment often boils down to simply ensuring contaminants in your lubricants are below ISO recommended levels. 70% of damage to industrial equipment is caused by degraded lubricants allowing hidden contaminants to wear on machinery internals. Starting with a clean system and keeping the oil clean through regular lube oil flushing services and maintenance are the keys to keeping machinery running for a long time.

Conco’s team of certified technicians offers turnkey High Velocity Oil Flushing (HVOF) and other lube oil cleaning services. Lubrication oil systems and hydraulic oil systems can both be cleaned with this service. Conco will provide an engineered flushing plan, onsite technicians, and all required equipment to complete the flush safely and efficiently. A key part of the services includes providing onsite particulate testing equipment as well as independent lab testing to verify contaminant levels. Our comprehensive solutions remove contaminants, correct moisture levels, eliminate varnish, and fully degrease and pickle equipment. We are one of the leading lube oil flushing companies in America and can help you save money on lubricants and extend your equipment life.