Oil Filtration Services

Removing and keeping contaminants out of industrial fluid systems is critical to maintaining efficient operations. Any foreign material in the flow has the potential to disrupt the system’s performance unless you employ oil filtration services. Hard debris can damage bearings, water can contaminate oil systems, and dirt can cause a final product to be out of specifications. These are just some examples of why fluid filtration is important. Conco can remove a wide range of contaminants from your fluid system.

Industrial oil filtration services during our High Velocity Hot Oil Flushing (HVOF) and Chemical Cleaning procedures help you meet or exceed particulate cleanliness requirements and protect critical equipment. Water content can be reduced or eliminated in oil systems through a combination of filtration and dehydration. High purity water can be produced onsite by various methods including reverse osmosis. Each situation is unique, and the contaminants must be targeted with the correct filtration media. Conco has performed filtration services in plants across the US and the world, and our team ensures all flushed systems meet the appropriate standards and specifications.

There are many types of filtration applications and industrial filtration equipment. Some examples are:

  • Pre-operational filtration flushing
  • Onstream full flow filtration
  • Side stream (kidney loop) industrial filtration system
  • Waste stream flushing before disposal
  • Cooling medium filtration

The Conco team provides turnkey industrial filtration services to remove contaminates, reduce moisture levels, eliminate varnish, and protect your equipment. Our team completes a thorough walk-down of your facility and provides a comprehensive filtration plan, equipment setups, piping diagrams, and full documentation for your review prior to beginning work. Our certified technicians take responsibility for the entire flush, including providing industrial filtration equipment (flanges, filters, jumpers, etc.) and monitoring job progress through sample testing.