Service and Circulating Water Piping condition has become a significant problem in our aging infrastructure, often referred to as Buried Piping. Many plants are now required to have a Buried Piping program. Hennigan Engineering offers many services for assisting with your Buried Pipe Program. These services include, but are not limited to, video inspection of as-found conditions, Hydrolase Cleaning of piping to determine condition of coating or underlying base metals, removal and disposal of debris, treatment of contaminated or non-contaminated water, spot repair of coatings or complete pipe relining.

A Buried Pipe Program can encompass many systems, they can be service water piping, fire system piping, potable water, sewer water, storm drains and emergency cooling water piping, just to name a few.

We can handle your Buried Pipe Program restoration on a turn-key basis. Whether you need something as simple as a NACE certified inspection or a more complicated cleaning and repair approach, Conco stands ready to work with you from design to implementation.

A properly cleaned and maintained buried piping system is crucial to the health of the plant. Maintaining buried piping systems promotes maximum component efficiency and extends piping and component longevity. Feel free to contact us directly for case studies.