Air Blow Cleaning Services

Air blow cleaning services are a safe and cost effective method for cleaning all types of piping systems. Typically, air blowing pre commissioning is performed after the completion of hydrotesting. Air blowing will remove loose rust, sand, dirt, and construction debris. By performing an air blowing pipe cleaning before the startup of new systems, it can be ensured that no debris or contaminants will inadvertently block valves, damage equipment, or foul the process.

There are several different configurations used for air blowing depending on the design of the piping system being cleaned. Continuous air blows are effective for small diameter pipes. Rupture air blows, also called decompression air blows, are used on large diameter piping and can be effective on very long runs of piping. A third type of air blow cleaning using a pressure vessel as a reservoir can by employed for short runs of large diameter piping.

To ensure cleanliness, we will calculate cleaning force ratios for all engineered air blows along with associated air pressures and cleaning velocities. Similar to targeting during a steam blow an air blow can also have a target inserted at the exit point to prove system cleanliness.

Proper engineering of air blows is essential to their success in cleaning the system. The Conco team can recommend the best air blowing pipe cleaning methods for your application. Learn more about our air blowing service and contact us.