Condenser Tube Cleaning

Conco crews have cleaned over 100 million condenser and heat exchanger tubes, making us the number one condenser performance company in the world.  Our exclusive ProSeries™ tube cleaning systems allow our crews to effectively clean more tubes per shift than high-pressure water jetting or chemical cleaning, and at a significantly lower overall cost.  Our TruFit™ tube cleaning services are backed by 90 years of know-how and a full line of TruFit™ tube cleaners that can tackle anything you throw their way.  Whether your condenser is fouled with silt, sediment, sea-life or scale, Conco has the field-proven expertise to quickly and efficiently return it to peak performance.  And, because only Conco offers Total Condenser Performance™, you can easily coordinate cleaning and testing services with just one call!

Cleaning at Reduced Load

Many of our customers attain sustained condenser performance during peak demand by cleaning their condensers at reduced load.  Often performed over a weekend when energy consumption drops, these “Pit Stop” style condenser cleanings often result in immediate return-on-investment and optimal megawatt output during peak revenue generating periods.

Performance for All Your Heat Exchangers

In addition to the condenser, Conco has the expertise to maintain all of your balance-of-plant heat exchangers.  Conco is experienced in providing Total Condenser Performance™ services for:

  • Feedwater Heaters
  • Seal Oil Coolers
  • Lube Oil Coolers
  • Hydrogen Coolers
  • Excitor Coolers
  • Vacuum Pump Coolers
  • Stator Coolers
  • CCW Systems

Tough Deposits?  No Problem.

Plagued by a difficult deposit?  Give us a call.  Our team of dedicated engineers thrives on making your tough deposits disappear.  Whether your problem is manganese or calcium carbonate scale, we’ve got the field-proven technology to restore your tubing to optimal performance.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Just ask engineer Bill Moye at South Texas Project how Conco tube cleaning services removed over 5,000 lbs of calcium carbonate scale from over 96,234 titanium tubes in his main condenser returning the unit to peak efficiency and reliability. Read More