Enclosed Mobile Bundle Cleaner (EMBC)

Other methods of shell-side cleaning can make the outside of the tube nest look okay, but on a tight pitched bundle how do you know that the center, where the heaviest fouling accumulates, is actually clean? Only the patented EMBC (Enclosed Mobile Bundle Cleaner) Process proves able to clean the whole bundle. This is because we use a high volume flow, up to 1500 gallons per minute of actual cleaning agent. Custom matched to fouling and heated to optimal cleaning temperature the liquid cleaning agent is moderately pressurized and pumped through more than 400 spray jets. The jets, coupled with the constant rotation of the bundle, provide constant contact with the cleaning agent down both sides. This method is the only way to ensure the bundle is clean all the way to the center.


Tube bundles are placed inside the EMBC machine so there is no chance for over-spray, splatter or run-off. The cleaning agent is processed through a closed kidney loop filtration system and all particulates captured and disposed.


The EMBC process is a totally enclosed self-contained cleaning unit and cleaning is accomplished through a high volume (1,500 gal. min.), low pressure flow of a heated cleaning solution. Contrast this with traditional high pressure water blasting techniques and their inherent dangers. Even an open bubble vat offers potential dangers that our EMBC overcomes.

Environmental Benefits

Traditional high pressure washing methods can generate up to 23,000 gallons of contaminated water that needs treatment. Our patented process produces ZERO hazardous liquid waste with most coolers. When a water based cleaning solution is required, 93% less hazardous liquid waste is produced than other methods.


Our process restores heat exchangers to 92% – 98% of their new efficiency. When the bundles are placed inside the EMBC they are placed onto a series of rollers, spray bars are setup along the entire length of the bundle. Once setup is complete, the bundles are rotated continuously as they are bathed with 1,000 gallons a minute of cleaning solution, heated to between 160 & 180 degrees, removing even baked on deposits all the way to the center of the bundle in less time and less cost than other methods.