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Preventing Heat Exchanger Failure and Downtime with Combined Mechanical Tube Cleaning & NDT


There are safer and more efficient approaches to cleaning your heat exchanger tubes. Conco’s cleaning systems use safe, low-pressure water and a variety of pigs, brushes and drill bits specifically sized to your tube dimensions to thoroughly remove deposits from your heat exchanger tubes. Conco mechanical tube cleaners provide thorough removal of deposits, including at the ends and around any bends, areas often left untouched by hydroblasting.

At 20,000 to 40,000 PSI, hydroblasting uses thousands of gallons of water and can be dangerous to components and personnel.  Conco’s TruFit mechanical tube cleaning system operates with less than 700 PSI, and with a much smaller on site footprint than hydroblasting. Conco technology is streamlined to require fewer technicians, and this means reduced work area and safety zone.

In North America alone, thousands of outages every year are attributed to tube failures, costing plants hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production and repair. The webinar will detail Non-destructive testing (NDE) and instruct attendees on how it can prevent forced outages by detecting tube defects such as pitting, cracking, corrosion, erosion, grooving, steam impingement and tube-support fretting that cause tube failures. We will discuss when to conduct NDE, what can be detected, tube damage mechanisms, testing requirements and the need for a test probe with multiple frequencies.


Tim Meyer
General Manager
Conco Services Corp.
James Kocher
Director, Emerging Technologies
Nondestructive Testing

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