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Low Pressure Mechanical Tube Cleaning - The Safe, Fast and Efficient Alternative to Hydroblasting


Using safe, low-pressure water in conjunction with a variety of pigs, brushes and drill bits specifically sized to your tube I.D.s, these systems work together to thoroughly remove deposits from your heat exchanger tubes. No more worries about hydroblasting at 20,000 to 40,000 PSI. Conco’s TruFit systems operate at under 700 PSI. In addition to safety offered by utilizing low-pressure water, these systems require smaller crews and a much smaller environmental footprint than hydroblasting.

This allows for the equipment to be placed closer to the heat exchanger and reduce the size of the work area and safety zone. Also, by contacting the full length of the tubes, Conco’s systems provide thorough removal of deposits including the ends and around any bends, areas often left untouched by hydroblasting.


Tim Meyer
General Manager, Industrial Services Div.
Conco Services Corp.

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