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The Total Condenser Performance™ Workshop: Non-Destructive Testing

The Total Condenser Performance Workshop™: Non-Destructive Testing


In North America alone, thousands of outages per year are attributed to tube failures costing the industry hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production and repair. To help mitigate this problem, power plants have created protocols and procedures designed to locate and plug tubes on the verge of failure before they become an issue. Non-Destructive Testing helps to prevent forced outages by detecting various defects such as pitting, cracking, corrosion, erosion, grooving, steam impingement and tube-support fretting that cause tube failures.

This presentation will  take an in-depth look at Eddy Current Testing and how it works. It will cover when to test, what can be detected and tube damage mechanisms, as well as testing requirements and the need for a test probe with multiple frequencies.


James A. Kocher
Director, Emerging Technologies Nondestructive Testing
Conco Services Corporation

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