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The Total Condenser Performance™ Workshop: Leak Detection

The Total Condenser Performance ™ Workshop: Non-Destructive Testing


Leakage of air or water into the condenser will adversely affect plant efficiency and reliability, which could lead to a forced outage. During a recent four-year period, condensers were responsible for more than 25,000 forced and scheduled outages, with condenser tube leaks being the primary source of generation loss. While air in-leakage can reduce your plants efficiency, it can also increase the levels of dissolved oxygen in your hotwell leading to corrosion. Circulating water leaks can result from through the wall pitting in condenser tubes, from joints between the tubes and tube sheet, and from ruptures between the water box and condenser shell. Contaminants that leak into the circulating water will change the condensate chemistry, leading to the corrosion and eventual failure of critical system parts including the turbine.

This presentation will take a look at the indicators of condenser leakage as well as examine the common sources of both air and water in-leakage. It will also discuss how to use state-of-the-art Tracer Gas Technology to pinpoint the exact locations of these leaks in any situation.


Gary E. Fischer
Sales Manager National Markets,
Conco Services Corporation

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