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2016 With 90 plus years of experience and over 150 million tubes cleaned Conco Services Corporation is the leader in heat exchanger tube maintenance. Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning Fin-Fan Cleaning Non-Destructive Testing CONCO SERVICES CORP. For Heat Exchangers Fast Safe and Efficient Conco technology is fast and effective improving turnaround time. It is safer than high pressure water reducing risk and has a smaller footprint allowing for additional work to be completed near or around the heat exchanger. At Conco we believe achieving Total Performance the perfect balance of productivity reliability and profitability is attainable through a unique integration of cleaning and non-destructive testing. With Total Performance you can anticipate problems and keep your heat exchanger tubes at optimum efficiency. The process identifies the status of heat exchanger tubes detects equipment fatigue that can cause inefficiency and cleans the tubes to improve flow and heat transfer. Welcome to the World of Conco For over 90 years Conco has been at the forefront of innovation in industrial cleaning for our customers around the globe. In that time our goal has never changed. Concos aim is to provide the gold standard of service at your industrial site using the best quality equipment and most effective technologies employed by highly skilled technicians whose training exceeds all industry requirements. Concos industrial services include TruFit tube shooting brushing and drilling fin-fan unit cleaning liquid nitrogen cleaning and non-destructive testing. The Conco Advantage means that the intended application will proceed with a commitment to safety small footprint and speed. Conco technicians undergo extensive technical training that uniquely prepares them to problem solve when unforeseen scenarios occur and at Conco we realize that crew size and their footprint are important to you. The smaller the crew size and their footprint the less disruption you will experience to your plants operations. Conco crews arrive prepared and ready to work and every crew is led by a specially-trained team leader whose job it is to maintain communication with plant personnel to ensure optimum coordination of job requirements. Last but not least Conco technicians undergo a serious vetting process. Our security checks and screenings exceed all industry standards and can be customized to meet the requirements of your facility. So call today and enjoy the benefits of our nine decades of experience in the industry. Be Safe Ed Saxon Chief Executive Officer AMERICAS Conco Services Corp. World Headquarters 530 Jones Street Verona PA 15147-1121 Phone 1-800-345-3476 Fax 1-412- 826-8255 Conco Services Corp. Industrial Division Texas Operations 818West 13th Street Deer ParkTX 77536-3166 Phone 1-800-569-5523 Fax 1-281-476-5155 Conco Services Corp. Industrial Division Louisiana Operations 2930 South Ruby Avenue Gonzales LA 70737-5139 Phone 1-800-569-5523 Fax 1-225-644-3958 EUROPE Conco Systems SPRL Rue Rivelaine 423 1428 Lillois Belgium Phone 32 0 2-386-46-86 Fax 32 0 2-386-46-89 ASIA PACIFIC Conco Systems Pty Ltd. P.O. Box 594 RaymondTerrace NSW 2324 Australia Phone 61 2 4987-7200 Fax 61 2 4987-7266 1-800-569-5523 I 1 TUBE CLEANING ANDTESTING SERVICES Since 1923 Conco has been an innovator in industrial heat exchanger tube cleaning services. From service water heat exchangers to hydrocrackers to sulfur recovery units Conco technicians have restored efficiency and reliability to over 150 million heat exchanger tubes worldwide. Concos exclusive mechanical tube cleaning technologies with low pressure water flush allow our crews to effectively clean more tubes per shift than hydroblasting. In addition since high pressure water can cut and kill Concos low pressure water systems are the safer alternative to hydroblasting. Requiring significantly fewer crew members and using more compact equipment a Conco cleaning utilizes a footprint 80 to 90 smaller than hydroblasting and that means less disruption to plant operations. It also generates up to 90 less waste water and cleans heat exchanger tubes to test ready clean at significantly lower overall cost. Backed by over 90 years of experience Conco tube cleaning services feature a full line of TruFit tube cleaners that can tackle anything you can throw their way. Whether your heat exchanger is fouled with hydrocarbons chemicals sea life or scale Conco has the field-proven expertise to quickly and efficiently return it to optimal performance. FAST... SAFE... and TEST READY CLEAN... these are just a few of the benefits our customers enjoy on every job. With 90 plus years of experience and over 150 million tubes cleaned Conco is the leader in heat exchanger tube maintenance. Fast and Effective Conco tube cleaning services minimize down time returning your unit to service in the briefest time possible. Our crews utilize the TruFit system of cleaning featuring custom sized tube cleaners brushes and bits with low pressure water to shoot brush and drill away deposits. Designed to suit site-specific deposit conditions TruFit assures the immediate and safe removal of n Fouling Deposits n Corrosion Products n Physical Obstructions n Tube Surface Roughness Conco is experienced in providing tube cleaning services for all types of heat exchangers including n Condensers n Hydrocrackers n Service Water Heat Exchangers n Polymer Units n Feedwater Heaters n Oil Coolers n Sulfur Recovery Units n Re-boilers n Chemical Reactors Full Service Operation Concos service does not stop with TruFit tube cleaning. Service options include n FinTech ACC FinFan Cleaning n NitroLance Liquid Nitrogen Cleaning n Eddy Current Remote Field and Near Field Testing n Tracer Gas Leak Detection Available 24-7 Conco crews are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for routine maintenance or emergency situations. Our response time is second to none. We can deliver a Conco crew complete with a supervisor to your site within 24 hours. During emergency shutdowns multiple crews can be added to expedite work. Expert Staffing Focused on Safety Professional quality-oriented and self-sufficient are just a few words that describe the Conco crews.They are fully certified in confined space CPR safety and first aid. All of our technicians areTWIC Transportation Worker Identification Credentials card carriers issued by the US government.TWIC card carriers are pre screened by the US Government for security clearance and access to refining and petrochemical facilities. They have also completed OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration training Basic Plus refining training along with logging all site specific training. Conco Supervision All Conco supervisors are full-time Conco employees thoroughly trained in a full range of tube cleaning operations and applications.They come with a complete personal resume including a list of plants where each supervisor has worked. Conco supervisors are prepared to work directly with non-union forces casual work forces or union crews in expediting the completion of your project.Conco Supervisor and Crew Ready for Action TUBE CLEANERS BRUSHES AND BITS 2 I WWW.CONCO.NET Concos TruFit technology is your guarantee that the tube cleaners rotary brushes and drill bits our crews use are the perfect match for your tube dimensions. Using a tube cleaner brush or bit that claims to fit multiple tube dimensions or one manufactured of low-quality material can cause tube damage. Conco TruFit tube cleaners are built by us in our factory using the best materials and quality inspection techniques during every phase of production. Likewise our brushes and bits are manufactured under the strictest guidelines and quality control standards. Insist on cleaning your heat exchanger tubes with a Conco crew using genuine Conco tube cleaners brushes and bits with TruFit technology. At Conco we know that all fouling is not created equal. Because tube deposits can be soft hard or somewhere in between we have engineered many different configurations of TruFit tube cleaners brushes and bits to tackle any type of deposit. Whether you have a problem with mud slime algae zebra mussels manganese iron corrosion product crystalline calcium carbonate polymers or any other soft to hard deposit Conco has your TruFit solution. Experience the ultimate in tube cleaning technology... experience theTruFit difference. HowTheTruFit SystemWorks Unlike other manufacturers who claim theiroff the shelftube cleaners brushes and bits can clean a range of tube sizes Conco TruFit cleaning tools are custom engineered to match your tube dimensions. By creating an exact match between the diameter of the cleaning tool and the tube I.D. we are able to maximize the cleaning effectiveness of the tube cleaner brush or bit while preventing any damage to the tube wall. Got a difficult deposit No problem. Our sales engineers work with you choosing from many different types and styles of TruFit cleaning tools assuring you that the tube cleaners brushes and bits selected are a perfect fit for your application. All Conco TruFit tube cleaners are n Custom built in our factory to match your exact tube dimensions n Made from only the highest quality materials for maximum performance n Individually inspected for quality assurance n Designed with fouling specific architecture n Color coded for quick sizing and easy identification Flexi-BladeTube Cleaner Rigid-BladeTube Cleaner Stainless SteelTube Cleaner Dual-Blade HexTube Cleaner Tri-Blade HexTube Cleaner Stainless Steel Brush Cal-Buster Metal U-Tube Cleaner Plastic U-Tube Cleaner Spring-Loaded Radial Designed Blades Match Tube Dimensions Effectively Eliminate Fouling Fouling Specific Architecture Color Coded for Quick Sizing Nylon Brush Spin-Grit Brush Stainless Steel BrushBrass Brush TruFit Brushes TruFit Bits Twist Bit Klaw Bit Red Witch Bit What would it take to clean 21 heat exchangers What are your accepted tradeoffs when using high pressure water cleaning in terms of SAFETY TIME WASTE WATER and PERFORMANCE Are you measuring this... We are. To clean 21 heat exchangers with 20000 PSI of high pressure water would take a crew of 12 technicians 20 days to clean to test ready standards with a risk of rework to get them test ready. On the plant floor safety is always the number one priority. Because high pressure water can cut and kill this 12 person crew would need an average safety area of at least 500 sq. ft. restricting your ability to work around the units being cleaned. Dont forget about the waste water. In todays environment it is usually an issue. Using high pressure water you will be required to capture and send approximately 48000 gallons of water to waste treatment per heat exchanger. At Conco we use our patented TruFit mechanical tube cleaners and low pressure water to deliver superior safety and performance over high pressure water in many common applications. To clean the same 21 heat exchangers with Concos TruFit mechanical tube cleaners and low pressure water system would take a crew of 5 technicians only 5 days to clean to test ready standards. By using safe low pressure water and compact equipment Concos safety area is 80 to 90 smaller than high pressure water applications. This smaller footprint allows your team to work around us rather than waiting until the job is finished. Also with Concos low pressure water method you will generate only 10 to 20 of the waste water generated by high pressure alternatives. Thats up to 90 less waste water to capture and send to a waste treatment facility. Our ability to quickly turn around test ready heat exchangers results in a shorter turn around for critical path jobs. This may give you the ability to reengineer your turn around schedules to save time. Ask yourselfWhat is the value of an extra days production Lower pressure less people smaller footprint and faster time all contribute to a safer plant site. We are proud to have had Zero OSHA Recordable Safety Incidents in our Industrial Services Division since 2008. What does this all this mean for you If you are responsible for heat exchanger maintenance Conco is the partner to help you achieve the safest fastest cleanest and most profitable heat exchanger cleaning. Let us help you identify where Conco can add the most value to your facility. 1-800-569-5523 I 3 Hydroblasting vs. ConcoTruFit Cleaning 21 Heat Exchangers toTest Ready Standards Hydroblasting ConcoTruFit Cleaning LOW PRESSURETUBE SHOOTING 4 I WWW.CONCO.NET Improve your heat exchanger performance while maximizing safety... shoot tubes clean with ConcoTruFitTube Cleaners and Low PressureWater. No one understands tube fouling better than Conco. Weve engineered our tube cleaning systems to clean a wide range of deposits including waterborne manganese iron corrosion product sediment crystalline biofouling hydrocarbons and chemicals. Our shooting crews use the ProSeries 200B Tube Cleaning System with TruFit Tube Cleaners. This system has been used worldwide to quickly safely and effectively clean over 150 million heat exchanger tubes. Designed to shoot TruFit tube cleaners through tubes from 12 to 112 O.D. it increases available water pressure to the 300 to 600 PSI necessary for effective cleaning. HowThe ProSeries 200B Tube Cleaning SystemWorks When it comes to fast efficient heat exchanger tube cleaning the ProSeries 200B Tube Cleaning System has no equal. This two-gun pump system uses safe water pressure under 600 PSI at 36 gpm to propel TruFit tube cleaners through fouled tubes from 12 to 112 O.D. removing deposits corrosion product and obstructions in a single shot At the heart of this system are the Conco TruFit tube cleaners. Manufactured exclusively by Conco each tube cleaner is designed for specific fouling types and sized for your exact tube dimensions to ensure safe effective tube cleaning. The ProSeries 200B Tube Cleaning System Features n Safe low pressure water under 600 PSI n Low volume water flush up to 90 less waste water than hydroblasting n Minimal crew size average of five men per shift n Small footprint 50 to 100 sq. ft. Scale and Corrosion Soft DepositsSpring-Loaded Radial Designed Blades 1-800-569-5523 I 5 LOW PRESSURETUBE BRUSHING 6 I WWW.CONCO.NET Concos state-of-the-art rotary brushing technology scours tubes clean even in tight and limited access locations. Does your heat exchanger have thick walled or tenacious deposits that may require the additional power of rotary tube cleaning Sometimes tube shooting just isnt enough to get the job done. Thats why our crews always include the Excaliber Pneumatic Flex Drive Tube Cleaning System in their tool boxes. Built ProSeries tough the Excaliber incorporates rotary tube cleaning action with a water flush to remove tough deposits in heat exchanger tubes from 38 to 112 O.D. No electricity is required. This powerful technology uses only plant air and water to operate and is safe to use in any location. Armed with the proper brush the unit will scour off deposits and flush tubes clean in a single efficient operation. Excaliber can be configured to tackle almost any job. With a wide range of brushes for soft and hard deposits the Excaliber is an extremely versatile tube cleaning system. The Excaliber is ideal for cleaning n Lube Oil Coolers n Excitor Coolers n Hydrogen Coolers n Seal Oil Coolers n Stator Coolers HowThe Excaliber Pneumatic Flex DriveTube Cleaning System Works Equipped with a 5.25 HP motor the Excaliber gives Conco crews the torque needed to scour away any deposit. This compact portable system features a TruFit brush mounted to the tip of a flexible shaft rotating at up to 2500 RPM to loosen deposits. As the flexible shaft rotates water is pumped through the shaft casing to the cleaning tool flushing away debris. The Excaliber Tube Cleaning System Features n Safe low pressure water 30 to 125 PSI n Low volume water flush 3 to 7 GPM n Foot pedal to control shaft rotation and water flow n Small footprint 50 to 100 sq. ft. Soft Deposits Scale and Corrosion Flexible Shaft Shaft CoreWater Flush Air Powered for Safety 1-800-569-5523 I 7 LOW PRESSURETUBE DRILLING 8 I WWW.CONCO.NET Designed to solve the most difficult tube deposit problems Conco HydroDrills combine powerful rotary tube cleaning action with a 2 to 3 GPM water flush to clear even completely blocked tubes. They are ideal for cleaning all types of heat exchangers including chillers oil coolers condensers and process manufacturing tubes. Sized properly the heavy duty Dominator and hand held Mitee Mouse II units are designed for maximum cleaning effectiveness. Depending on the system used Conco crews can remove obstructions from any type of tube ranging from 12 to 234 O.D. and up to 60 in length. Completely blocked tubes can be restored to 100 of the original tube I.D. in one pass. HydroDrill tube cleaning is fast typically clearing 20-foot long tubes in only 30 to 90 seconds each. In the field the HydroDrill system has been used to clean process fouling on the same exchangers over a thousand times. The system can even accommodate tubes that are bowed since the long slender Kelly Rod or Extension Rod that drives the bit inherently bends to follow the tube. Both the Dominator and Mitee Mouse II HydroDrills are easy to set up and operate. A Conco crew can be in-the-cut in less than one hour. In the last 30 years the HydroDrill system has successfully cleaned thousands of heat exchanger tubes worldwide. HydroDrills are used to remove hard tough deposits including Got scale No Problem.These water powered drills will even clear tubes plugged solid with hard deposits. HowThe HydroDrill Tube Cleaning SystemsWork All HydroDrills use a brush or drill bit mounted to the tip of a rotating Kelly Rod or Extension Rod and a water flush to remove debris. As the rod rotates the unit pumps water through the rod to weep holes in the cleaning tool flushing away hardened deposits as they are loosened. HydroDrill cleaning is safe for all tube materials. Drill bits are sized to be 0.005 below the minimum tube I.D. They feature long shanks to ensure that the axis of the bit and the axis of the tube are in complete alignment. The bits are designed with carbide tips on the leading edge only and rounded corners to ensure no sharp edges directly impact the tube wall. The drill also rides on a thin layer of water for lubricating bearing surfaces between the bit and the tube. HydroDrills have been used repeatedly to clean process fouling on some heat exchangers over 1000 times with no tube damage or degradation The HydroDrill Tube Cleaning Systems Feature n Safe low pressure water 200 to 300 PSI n Low volume water flush 3 to 7 PSI n Foot pedal and hand lever to control shaft rotation linear motion and water flow n Small footprint 50 to 100 sq. ft. n Coke n Calcium n Sulfur n Bauxite n Alumina n Asphalt n Oxides n Polymers Kelly Rod Debris Flows Through Channels in Bit DepositsWeep Holes Rounded Corners Carbide Tip Dominator Mitee Mouse II 1-800-569-5523 I 9 FIN-FANHEATEXCHANGERCLEANING 10 I WWW.CONCO.NET Fouled surfaces of air-cooled heat exchangers can cause performance issues especially when ambient temperatures start to rise. Until now cleaning fin-fan units meant tedious work at dangerous heights using fire hoses hand lances or chemicals. These methods were problematic not only because fire hoses and hand lances would damage the delicate fins but also because chemicals pose environmental health and safety concerns. FinTech ACC cleaning provides plants with a safer more effective and affordable alternative to dangerous high-pressure or chemical cleaning. FinTech can accommodate any fin-fan air-cooled heat exchanger and has been used successfully to clean fins fouled with dust dirt debris pollen leaves insects and even bird and bat carcasses. Conco can setup and operate a portable FinTech system to help you save on capital expenditures or operate your installed system. Whatever you prefer. FinTech services have been used in power plants chemical and petrochemical facilities and processing industry factories worldwide. FinTech is safe to use on all materials including steel aluminum brass and copper. Conco FinTech ACC Services... the faster safer way to clean any fin-fan air-cooled heat exchanger. The FinTech Air-CooledFin-Fan Heat Exchanger Cleaning System Features n Fast operation driven at optimum speed the nozzles can clean 325 square feet per hour n High efficiency more effective than cleaning with hand lances foam washers or fire hoses n Quick start up no wait time for heat exchanger cooling FinTech can be used while your system is online n Safe working environment no personnel on scaffolds or exposed to hot humid conditions during operations FinTech Air-CooledFin-Fan Heat Exchanger Cleaning System At the heart of the FinTech system is a computer- controlled 12-nozzle water jet assembly. The assembly travels on tracks at a constant speed and fixed height ensuring a consistent clean from start to finish. Water nozzles on the assembly are configured to match fin geometry ensuring that they clean all the way through not just on the fin surface. The frame and tracks of the system are adjustable for virtually all sizes and layouts of fin-fan exchangers including flat coolers vertical coolers Aframe andVframe configurations. The system is suitable for use on all materials including steel aluminum brass and copper. FinTech has completely changed the operating dynamics of this facility. Our unit started showing measurable performance improvements during the one-quarter cleaned. Dan Gray Director of Operations Rosebud Operating Services Fins Before Cleaning with FinTech Fins After Cleaning with FinTech Dont be fooled by hydroblasting and chemical cleaning. These methods are not only dangerous and time consuming but often leave a significant amount of deposits clinging to the tube walls keeping your plant from running at peak efficiency. For a safer more through cleaning experience talk to us. Concos TruFit method see pages 4 and 5 uses mechanical tube cleaners custom engineered to match your tube material size and deposit propelled through your fin fan tubes with safe low pressure water. Concerned about the manifolds No problem. Our unique bridging systemjumps the gapbetween the bolt plugs and tube sheet allowing for a complete removal of the tube deposits from the unit while leaving the manifolds in place. FouledFin-FanTubesaProblem Dont worry. Conco has yourTruFit solution. 1-800-569-5523 I 11 LIQUID NITROGEN CLEANING 12 I WWW.CONCO.NET Harnessing the power of liquid nitrogen NitroLance can remove incredibly difficult deposits safely and without producing secondary waste streams. It has been used to restore flow to tubes completely blocked with hardened calcium carbonate quicker than high-pressure water or chemical cleaning. And because liquid nitrogen readily dissipates only the removed deposit is left behind saving our customers thousands of dollars in cleanup costs. NitroLance is a safe alternative to hydroblasting. Where high-pressure water can be hazardous at distances greater than six feet the liquid nitrogen jet from NitroLance extends only a few inches. Liquid nitrogen is ideally suited for adverse tube cleaning environments yielding quicker turnarounds for critical path components. In addition to being fast NitroLance customers have reported performance improvements in heat transfer by up to 20 on units cleaned with this technology. NitroLance also provides optimal cleanliness for vessels being examined with Remote Field or Eddy CurrentTesting. NitroLance is available with a variety of nozzle configurations for fast and effective cleaning of tough deposits in industries such as n Refineries Sulfur Recovery Units Fire Heaters and Furnaces n Catalyst Services Reactor Cleaning n Power Generation Preheaters Heaters and Coolers n Alumina Bauxite Heat Exchanger Cleaning The Conco NitroLance saves time and money in precision cleaning applications yielding zero secondary waste. The NitroLance Liquid Nitrogen Cleaning System Features n Rapid results quicker than hydroblasting or chemical cleaning dramatically improving turnaround time for critical path equipment n Powerful cleaning action can remove deposits where conventional methods fail n Zero secondary waste liquid nitrogen evaporates leaving only the deposit to remove saving you time and money n Safe operation technology so safe on equipment it has been used by NASA to clean the Space Shuttle HowThe NitroLance SystemWorks The super-cooled cryogenic jet emerges from the NitroLance nozzle entering solid deposit cracks and crevices and then expands rapidly breaking up deposits from the inside. NitroLance nozzles are customizable for any application ensuring precision cleaning. The NitroLance can clean vertical or horizontal heat exchangers in place eliminating the need for costly removal or crane services. NitroLance is a revolutionary service for the cleaning of our thermal reactor boilers. Compared to our previous mechanical cleaning NitroLance not only cleaned better but was 300 faster Rick Scott Turnaround Superintendent Frontier Refinery Preheater Fins Before Cleaning with NitroLance Preheater Fins After Cleaning with NitroLance 1-800-569-5523 I 13 NON-DESTRUCTIVETESTING 14 I WWW.CONCO.NET Conco Non-Destructive NDE Testing Services are performed for all industrial customers on all types of tubing in heat exchangers included in the steam cycle cooling water systems service water systems and process systems. Non-Destructive Testing helps to prevent forced shut downs by detecting various defects such as pitting cracking corrosion erosion grooving steam impingement and tube-support fretting that cause tube failures. Conco NDE personnel are certified in accordance with the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing ASNT SNT-TC-1A guidelines. In addition Conco follows the most stringent nuclear guidelines. Our customers realize significant economic savings from routine testing through improved reliability and plant availability. For Non-DestructiveTesting... count on Conco for fast reliable and accurate results. DifferentTubes Require DifferentTests Heat exchangers come in a variety of sizes shapes and materials. Tube materials can include carbon steel stainless steel admiralty brass and Cu-Ni alloys. No single nondestructive technique can test them all. Its crucial to select a testing company that has the capabilities and experience to provide a variety of testing techniques for your different tube materials. Also understanding site-specific conditions and their effects on tube material such as wall thinning chemical attack and pitting is fundamental in selecting the right test for the job. Eddy Current Remote Field and Near FieldTesting Conco Eddy Current Remote Field and Near Field Testing Services specialize in finding tube defects in a variety of materials including stainless steel titanium brass and Cu-Ni alloys. Non-Destructive Testing can find defects ranging from pitting cracking corrosion erosion grooving and dents that cause tube failures. After testing Conco provides each customer with a tube-by-tube analysis and full-color tubesheet map of the tested condenser or heat exchanger giving a detailed assessment of the tubing. Conco Technician Performing an Eddy Current Test on a Main Steam CondenserConco Technician Acquiring Eddy Current Data Data Analysis Depending on your requirements our NDE analysts can provide on-site or remote data interpretation utilizing the most advanced software for Eddy Current Remote Field and Near Field Testing. Conco analysts will identify defects in your heat exchanger tubing and provide a comprehensive report of their findings. We can even assist you in the establishment of a non-destructive testing program. This allows Conco to trend the growth of previously identified damage within the heat exchanger. It also allows Conco to monitor for any new damage mechanisms that may occur during the operating cycle. This is part of a preventative maintenance program that Conco can help establish and maintain. Eddy Current Probe Remote Field Probe Tubesheet Mapping This service provides an at-a-glance summary of heat exchanger condition. Upon completion of a comprehensive non-destructive testing evaluation Conco can create a multicolor tubesheet map for graphic illustration of tube wall condition. The overall condition of the condenser or heat exchanger and any developing trends are obvious as each tubes condition is represented by a different color or symbol. 1-800-569-5523 I 15 Tracer Gas Leak Detection While air in-leakage negatively impacts plant performance tube leaks can cause forced shut downs costing plants thousands in maintenance lost productivity and contaminated product. Using advanced tracer gas leak detection technology Conco technicians can quickly locate sources of leaks. Conco has been an innovator and leading provider of leak detection services for over 30 years and offers both helium and SF6 tracer gas technology. Conco crews can detect n Condenser air in-leakage n Condenser tube leakage n Sources of dissolved oxygen n Stator water system leakage n Main generator leakage Depending on leak characteristics a determination is made whether to mobilize with the helium mass spectrometer system the state-of-the-art Conco Fluorotracer system or both. TUBE SIZE AND CLEANER SELECTION GUIDE 16 I WWW.CONCO.NET Concos line of advanced industry leading tube cleaners brushes and bits featuring TruFit technology can be sized to your exact specifications. They come standard in a variety of popular sizes to match most condenser and heat exchanger tubes. Got a unique tube size Use the handy guides below to determine your tube data and call us for recommendations on the best tube cleaner for your site-specific application. Find yourTruFit with Concos state-of-the art tube cleaners brushes and bits and start on your path toTotalPerformance Tube Gauge in BWG TubeThickness in Inches O.D. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 of Tube 0.109 0.095 0.083 0.072 0.065 0.058 0.049 0.042 0.035 0.032 0.028 0.025 0.022 0.020 mm in Tube I.D. in Inches 12.70 12 0.282 0.310 0.334 0.356 0.370 0.384 0.042 0.416 0.430 0.436 0.444 0.450 0.456 0.460 15.88 58 0.407 0.435 0.459 0.481 0.495 0.509 0.527 0.541 0.555 0.561 0.569 0.575 0.581 0.585 19.05 34 0.532 0.560 0.584 0.606 0.620 0.634 0.652 0.666 0.680 0.686 0.694 0.700 0.706 0.710 22.23 78 0.657 0.685 0.709 0.731 0.745 0.759 0.777 0.791 0.805 0.811 0.819 0.825 0.831 0.835 25.40 1 0.782 0.810 0.834 0.856 0.870 0.884 0.902 0.916 0.930 0.936 0.944 0.950 0.956 0.960 28.58 118 0.907 0.935 0.959 0.981 0.995 1.009 1.027 1.041 1.055 1.061 1.069 1.075 1.081 1.085 31.75 114 1.032 1.060 1.084 1.106 1.120 1.134 1.152 1.166 1.180 1.186 1.194 1.200 1.206 1.210 34.93 138 1.157 1.185 1.209 1.231 1.245 1.259 1.277 1.291 1.305 1.311 1.319 1.325 1.331 1.335 38.10 112 1.282 1.310 1.334 1.356 1.370 1.384 1.402 1.416 1.430 1.436 1.444 1.450 1.456 1.460 Tube Gauge in BWG TubeThickness in Millimeters O.D. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 of Tube 2.77 2.41 2.11 1.83 1.65 1.47 1.24 1.07 0.89 0.81 0.71 0.64 0.56 0.51 in mm Tube I.D. in Millimeters 12 12.70 7.16 7.88 8.48 9.04 9.40 9.76 10.22 10.56 10.92 11.08 11.28 11.42 11.58 11.68 58 15.88 10.34 11.05 11.66 12.22 12.57 12.93 13.39 13.74 14.10 14.25 14.45 14.61 14.76 14.86 34 19.05 13.51 14.22 14.83 15.39 15.75 16.10 16.56 16.92 17.27 17.42 17.63 17.78 17.93 18.03 78 22.23 16.69 17.40 18.01 18.57 18.92 19.28 19.74 20.09 20.45 20.60 20.80 20.96 21.11 21.21 1 25.40 19.86 20.57 21.18 21.74 22.10 22.45 22.91 23.27 23.62 23.77 23.98 24.13 24.28 24.38 118 28.58 23.04 23.75 24.36 24.92 25.27 25.63 26.09 26.44 26.80 26.95 27.15 27.31 27.46 27.56 114 31.75 26.21 26.92 27.53 28.09 28.45 28.80 29.26 29.62 29.97 30.12 30.33 30.48 30.63 30.73 138 34.93 29.39 30.10 30.71 31.27 31.62 31.98 32.44 32.79 33.15 33.30 33.50 33.66 33.81 33.91 112 38.10 32.56 33.27 33.88 34.44 34.80 35.15 35.61 35.97 36.32 36.47 36.68 36.83 36.98 37.08 Inches Millimeters 114 16 0.065 1.120 1.250 17 0.058 1.134 1.250 18 0.049 1.152 1.250 19 0.042 1.166 1.250 20 0.035 1.180 1.250 21 0.032 1.186 1.250 22 0.028 1.194 78 16 0.065 0.745 0.875 17 0.058 0.759 0.875 18 0.049 0.777 0.875 19 0.042 0.791 0.875 20 0.035 0.805 0.875 21 0.032 0.811 0.875 22 0.028 0.819 1 16 0.065 0.870 1.000 17 0.058 0.884 1.000 18 0.049 0.902 1.000 19 0.042 0.916 1.000 20 0.035 0.930 1.000 21 0.032 0.936 1.000 22 0.028 0.944 118 16 0.065 0.995 1.125 17 0.058 1.009 1.125 18 0.049 1.027 1.125 19 0.042 1.041 1.125 20 0.035 1.055 1.125 21 0.032 1.061 1.125 22 0.028 1.069 34 16 0.065 0.620 0.750 17 0.058 0.634 0.750 18 0.049 0.652 0.750 19 0.042 0.666 0.750 20 0.035 0.680 0.750 21 0.032 0.686 0.750 22 0.028 0.694 58 16 0.065 0.495 0.625 17 0.058 0.509 0.625 18 0.049 0.527 0.625 19 0.042 0.541 0.625 20 0.035 0.555 0.625 21 0.032 0.561 0.625 22 0.028 0.569 Note For metric tube sizes calculate the equivalent diameter in inches and use the nearest size cleaner. To convert metric to inches multiply millimeters x 0.03937. For example 20 mm 20 x 0.03937 0.7874 I.D. This tube size takes a Conco cleaner Type C3S for 78 O.D. x 19 BWG tube. Note Additional sizes and gauges available. O.D. BWG t I.D. C4S C3S C2X C3X C4SS BUS U QTB 16 BWG 18 BWG 171921 BWG C2S 20 BWG 22 BWG PRESORTED STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID Wilkes-Barre PA Permit No. 247 Conco Services Corp. 530 Jones Street Verona PA 15147 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED CONCO FACILITIES AMERICAS Conco Services Corp. World Headquarters and Power Division 530 Jones Street Verona PA 15147-1121 USA Phone 1-800-345-3476 Fax 1-412-826-8255 Conco Services Corp. Leak Detection Division 7552 Rickenbacker Drive Gaithersburg MD 20879-4732 USA Phone 1-301-990-6623 Fax 1-301-948-6479 Conco Services Corp. Industrial DivisionTexas Operations 818West 13th Street Deer ParkTX 77536-3166 USA Phone 1-800-569-5523 Fax 1-281-476-5155 Conco Services Corp. 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